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A Board Game to Steal an Election?

October 23, 2022/By Neland Nobel - The Prickly Pear

Once in a while, something comes along that cheers our progress toward liberty. In this age of cultural discouragement, it is good to see a product that not only entertains but educates about how elections may be stolen, manipulated, or purchased… you pick the term that suits your sensibilities. Unlike watching a movie, or listening to a podcast, the board game just introduced called Fraud-U is based on many factors discovered during the 2016 and 2020 elections. It covers the full gamut from mass ballot drops, the use of mules, and circumstances created by embedded electronic fraud. As described to us, this is a fast-paced game, utilizing a similar layout to monopoly. As a dice-based game, it is fraught with chance. In addition, the game is heavily biased toward a certain political party. If a player chooses to take on a Republican role, he must be prepared to sweat. The game begins with a dice roll to determine party affiliation, if not voluntarily chosen, and an initial board position that establishes a candidate’s volunteer base and funding. As the game progresses, a dice roll will tell the player what space to next occupy. That space is accompanied by instructions that correspond to the six numbers on the die. The player may gain or lose funds, votes, or volunteers. The financial aspects of campaigning are not ignored. Contestants enter the results of these moves on a Score Pad that can be examined by any other player. The final objective of the White House is achieved after all players have cleared the yellow brick road and all votes are tallied. The game is designed for 2 to 6 players and can be completed in about 40 minutes. There are many laugh lines in the instruction cards that will bring a chuckle to anyone who is even slightly to the right of the political center. The company producing this is called Ezekiel’s Games. Interested readers can go to the social media crowd-funding site IndieGoGo, the link for which is provided below, or use the optical scanner code below. Anyone with a smartphone can simply photograph the code and get to the site. Once at that site, click on the red options button and you can either purchase the game at a discount or you can participate in crowdfunding, raising capital to produce and distribute the game. The Prickly Pear has no financial connection with the firm that produced this board game although anything that makes people more aware of election integrity is something we can endorse. We think it is a clever idea and we suspect they won’t be getting financing from any large media company. We at The Prickly Pear believe in building new citizen-driven institutions and platforms similar to our own citizen journalistic enterprise. If you would enjoy a game of bare-knuckle politics that can interest your family and friends, remember the tagline, ” Give me liberty or give me Fraud-U for Christmas or Hanukkah.”

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